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Let GoldFinch Help You Focus On Your Business

Committed to Creating Business Software Systems that Work

At GoldFinch, we strive to provide the best business software solutions for food distributors and manufacturing organizations. Your time is valuable, so why waste it updating spreadsheets, tracking down client history, or sifting through email threads to find the information you need? Whether your organization is large or small, we have the perfect business management solution to bring together every department in your food business.

Who We Are

GoldFinch is a leading food software organization dedicated to providing affordable, easy-to-use business management
solutions designed for the unique needs of small and mid-sized food and beverage businesses. With over 30 years of
software development and implementation experience, Goldfinch creates software solutions that help food
manufacturing and distribution businesses adapt to the marketplace and grow through better cross-team collaboration, heightened productivity, and process improvements. We specialize in working with small internal teams to offer full-scale, ready to use implementations that get your business up and running at top speed.

Why Choose GoldFinch?

We specialize in digital transformation that brings your food business to the top of your industry. To create highly
personalized ERP and CRM software solutions for your unique business, we design our solutions with the best tools available on the market (Salesforce for our CRM system, Accounting Seed for our ERP system) to help your business be leaner, more productive, and more streamlined across the organization. Forget using clunky, old fashioned systems that require a full IT team to maintain; we create solutions for scaling your business, not stagnating.

We specialize in creating software solutions that effectively automate business systems, increase customer engagement, and empower employees to spend less time on paperwork and more time serving your current and future clients. We step in as your Chief Technology Officer and IT team to develop functional automation workflows and impactful communication across every department in your food manufacturing or food distribution business. Not only will our software systems make your day to day tasks easier, but this software can also eliminate unnecessary overtime hours, dramatically increase employee morale, and improve creative productivity across your organization by giving your employees time to showcase their skills beyond routine work. 


We know food. Let us show you an ERP and CRM software that transforms your business.