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A Focused Solution from Micro DataNet

A Complete Food Business Software Solution

Built on the Salesforce Cloud

Unlimited Automation. One Easy-To-Use Platform.

Explore how we’re transforming the way your food business works. 

The Best All-In-One Salesforce Cloud Software Solution for Your Food or Beverage Business 

Meet the next generation of manufacturing and distribution for your growing food business. We create impactful automation that drives revenue and productivity across your entire organization, from your warehouse to your sales teams to accounting and more. Our software is built entirely on the Salesforce Cloud with best in class tools for proven ROI, top-notch security, accessible reporting, and user-friendly simplicity.

Join the many companies we’ve helped transform, that now have the information they need to effectively manage their processes and improve their bottom lines.



Designed for Food Importers, Manufacturers and Distributors

A Full Service Software Solution For Any Size Business

Streamlined Supply Chain Management

We’re the only ERP & Salesforce CRM software designed with the unique needs of food businesses in mind. GoldFinch has you covered on everything from compliance to batch management to shipping and more. Get more products on shelves with business intelligence that helps you compete with the big guys and easily discover if your promotions are delivering the expected results in real time.

Scale effortlessly with processes that help your business run smoothly and efficiently; you’ll be meeting growing demand in no time! Empower teams across every department with functional processes, automation, and simplified collaboration for increased productivity - from sales and marketing to accounting and warehousing, all on the Salesforce Cloud.

Manage every aspect of your supply chain from one real-time dashboard and expand your business to new heights. Improved compliance, automated deduction management, lot traceability, inventory management, and shipping control support your growing business, while client management and marketing thrive through the Salesforce CRM. 

Making a Difference with Distribution

Learn how Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida used our software to turn a manual food distribution system into impactful automated processes that feed more hungry Floridians in less time. 


Salesforce Sales & Marketing Automation

Deductions Management

Delight your customers with each and every interaction. Expand your sales and marketing success with effective promotions, improved relationship management, and automated process flows to increase demand. 

Directly manage and link deductions to promotional activities and evaluate their effectiveness. Know what to accrue and know your financial obligations through a real-time dashboard and automated reporting. 

E-Commerce Integrations

SPINS/IRi Data Analysis

Use multiple avenues to grow your business and simplify ordering. Seamless bi-directional movement from Goldfinch to Shopify or WooCommerce keep inventory and orders aligned, so predicting demand is easier than ever. 

Sophisticated data analysis is available right at your fingertips in one actionable, easy to read dashboard. Track your business success across the product lifecycle to create compelling proposals, attract new clients, and expand existing business relationships for real-time, data driven decision making.

Speedy and Intentional Engagement

Set your sales team up for success with simple prospect and customer relationship management, aligned with real-time inventory data.

Affordable Scalability and Growth

Our customized Salesforce solutions readily scale and adapt to growing business demands without breaking the bank.


Clients Trust Our Work

Why Wait? Take Your Food Business To The Next Level with GoldFinch’s Salesforce Food Business Software Solution.